Tote Delivery System

We are the Tote Experts! 

Caldic, formerly Nealanders International, developed the food industry’s first heated plastic returnable tote in 1990.  Our reusable totes are available in a number of designs to fit in with your processing needs, whether they need to be heated or not, our options can support your line application.  All totes are returned to our facility, washed and sanitized using our thorough Clean-in-place (CIP) system.  From there, they are quality checked before being released back into our fleet for refilling, by our scan-in, scan-out, tracking system.

Advantages offered by totes include:

  • Improved production efficiency for customers
  • Temperature control ensures product is ready to use when needed
  • Can be connected to Internal process equipment for efficient handling
  • Eliminates ingredient crystallization, when heated
  • Efficient material handling – stackable, uses standard electrical outlets, RFID functional
  • Eliminates wasteful packaging and waste disposal costs associated with pails and drums
  • Eliminates cleaning costs of tanks and silos
  • Sealed for your protection

Our Tote Delivery Systems set us apart from our competition and gives our customers peace of mind, knowing their product will be delivered just the way they need it!

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