Strategic Suppliers

Since 1986, Caldic has strategically aligned with some of the world’s most reputable and recognized food ingredient manufacturers.  We have worked diligently to develop true partnerships with these ingredient manufacturers, with whom we have exclusive distribution agreements.  These partnerships bring a multitude of benefits to our customers:

  • Access to unique products and ingredients in the US marketplace
  • Competitive pricing and support
  • Excellent technical assistance

We are extremely proud to be working with these ingredient suppliers, and we are excited to bring their product solutions and innovative ingredients to our customers.

PPG Blue Grass
Groeb Farm Heartland Flax
Tate & Lyle Stratas
TIC Gums

Tote Delivery System

Tote Delivery System
We are the Tote Experts! Caldic developed the food industry’s first heated plastic returnable tote in 1990. ...

Caldic Baking Powders

Baking Powder
Customize your baking results with Caldic specially formulated baking powders. Each leavening system is tailored to a specific...