About Us

Mission Statement and Values

Over the next five years, Caldic intends to more than double its North American revenue and establish our organization and our brand as a leading North American food ingredient solution provider using our distribution and manufacturing capabilities, while maintaining our profitability goals in line with the Caldic organization.

 We will focus on our selected markets: Nutrition and Pharmaceutical, Bakery, Savoury and Sweet with our dedicated customer focus and support teams who continually provide:

  • Entrepreneurial business development
  • Exceptional relationship oriented customer service;
  • High quality products and services
  • Innovative customer solutions

 Growth will be derived from organic business development of our distributed and manufactured products and through strategic acquisitions.  Our acquisitions will support our geographic expansion, enhance our distributed or manufactured product offering or provide additional access to our target markets.

Our professionalism, operational and safety standards will be recognized as best-in-class and will distinguish us from our competitors.  We will NEVER be satisfied with the status quo.

We know our team members and partners are an integral part of our future and we will provide progress updates on a regular basis and celebrate our successes. We will continually invest in our employees, by providing training and career development to support the growth of our people and our business. 


Caldic Baking Powders

Baking Powder
Customize your baking results with Caldic specially formulated baking powders. Each leavening system is tailored to a specific...


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