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Health & Safety

Safety is a core value and every effort is made to provide employees with the necessary tools and knowledge to undertake their work safely. At Caldic, we ensure that all employees are well informed, trained, involved and dedicated to our health and safety procedures. Our emphasis is on open, honest employee relations and safety programs.

We believe:

  • All accidents and injuries are avoidable and we will do our best to eliminate all such incidents
  • Safety and health improvement is an individual and team responsibility
  • Each of us must be dedicated to conducting all activities with the highest concern for employee safety and health

We are committed to:

  • Meeting or exceeding all applicable safety and health regulations
  • Continuously improving the safety of our work environment by investing in our people and our facilities
  • Creating and maintaining a world class safety culture to achieve an accident-free work environment

We continually measure our success; however, ultimately, the best measure is that each and every employee returns home at the end of the day, safely.

Our goal is zero accidents. “Think Safety, Work Safely


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