InfraReady Grain Products

InfraReady is a Canadian company based in Western Canada offering over 250 custom designed products, made from a wide range of raw materials, including cereal grains, oilseeds and pulses.  All ingredients are whole grain, sourced from the best producers, and designed to meet customer needs.  InfraReady’s facility is GFSI, Kosher, and Halal certified.

InfraReady’s unique precooking technology starts the starch gelatinization process in cereal grains and pulses, enabling the ingredients to cook faster.  When applied to oilseeds, it reduces the microbial load on the seed, making them safer for consumption.

The benefits of the InfraReady precooked products include:

  1. Shorter cooking times
  2. Increased water and moisture absorption and retention
  3. Decreased microbial and enzymatic activity
  4. Increased shelf life
  5. Enhanced flavour, adding toasted notes to any finished good
  6. Soft texture

InfraReady Products:

Cereal Grains:  Wheat, Purple Wheat a.k.a. AnthoGrain™ Wheat, Barley, Triticale (pron. trit-e-kale-ee), Rye, Malt Wheat & Barley, Brown Rice, Whole Grain Rice and White Rice.

Oil Seeds:  Brown Flax, Golden Flax, Sesame, Sunflower, and Soyabean.

Pulses:  Green Peas (whole and split), Yellow Peas (whole and split), Red Beans, Black Beans, Navy Beans, Pinto Beans, Chickpeas, Green Lentils (small and large), French Green Lentils and Red (Crimson) Lentils (whole and split).

Ancient Grains:  Quinoa (kee-no-wah), Amaranth, Spelt, Kamut® khoarsan wheat, and Wild Rice.

Customized Blends:

InfraReady specializes in providing unique, custom-made blends for clients. InfraReady's multigrain blends contain 2 - 17 different grains primarily in flake or meal form. Blends are also available in precooked whole, bumped and flour form and are suitable for any application. The precooking step enables the blends to absorb more water than raw grain blends, so no presoaking is required. Blends can also be used up to 20% of the flour weight in a baked ingredient to optimize their wholesome goodness.

InfraReady also offers a range of distinctive pulse blends


InfraReady is a Canadian company supplying a wide range of raw materials, including cereal grains, oilseeds and pulses.

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