Functional Bakery Concentrates & Systems

Functional Bakery Ingredient Systems

Caldic' value-add blending capabilities incorporate our full range of bakery ingredient offerings and technical expertise to offer a wide array of bakery blends, concentrates and functional bakery ingredient systems. 


  • Full Range of Bakery Blends / Mixes
    • Application line-up includes pancakes, cakes, cookies, waffles, muffins, breads, donuts etc. as well as customized solutions
  • Bakery Application Concentrates
    • Micro-component blending to which you add core ingredients such as flour, oil, water
  • Functional Dry Blends, including:
    • Baking Powders
    • Dough Conditioners
    • Enzyme Systems
    • Egg replacers
    • Shelf Life Enhancers / Mold Inhibition Systems
    • Stabilizer Systems (blends of gums, starches etc., dependent on your application requirements)
  • Clean label, low sodium, organic versions available
  • Industry Recognized Brands
    • Extol®
    • Promase®

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