FASTir® Xanthan EC

FASTir® Xanthan EC is a food grade xanthan gum (cold water soluble) that undergoes a patent pending agglomeration process that makes the product disperse readily in water even under low shear.   It dissolves and thickens more quickly than both standard agglomerated xanthan and powdered xanthan.

FASTir® technology makes using gums quicker and easier than ever possible before.

FASTir® Gums are manufactured using a patent pending physical process that does not change the label declaration of the gum or the finished food.

FASTir® gums disperse without lumping and hydrate quickly. Better dispersion with:

  • No special equipment
  • No dry blending step
  • No slurries
  • Faster batch times

FASTir® Xanthan EC goes a step farther than agglomerated xanthan gum. It offers:

  • High dispersibility
  • Quicker hydration
  • Consistent quality
  • Reduced addition rates

These benefits all provide value and confidence throughout your production – procurement, processing, all the way through to the finished good.

Developed using TIC Gums' latest, patent pending manufacturing capability here in the U.S., ordering from North America is convenient with no waiting for shipments from overseas.  Shorter batch times in manufacturing and reduced lead times are just two of the advantages FASTir® Xanthan EC delivers.



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