Competitive Advantage

Hello and welcome to Caldic. We are here to tell you a little bit about ourselves, what we do and more importantly, what we can do for you.

Caldic is a Dutch company that operates around the world, specializing in three main areas: Distribution and production of food ingredients for the food industry, production and distribution of chemicals and technical services that focus on energy and power transmission.

Altogether, Caldic has more than 23 companies and over 1,000 employees. We’re working in many places, doing a lot of different things. But we are all working towards the same goals: to offer our suppliers the best route to market and our customers the best solutions to meet their needs.

Our main focus in North America is the food industry. We serve as a crucial link in the supply chain. Working in partnership with suppliers of raw materials and essential ingredients, we offer the food industry a complete package of products and services – so you can get exactly the ingredients you need, in the form you want, packaged to your requirements, wherever and whenever you need them.

But we are far more than just a middleman. We also have our own R&D capabilities and production facilities, to turn raw materials into finished products tailored to meet specific customer requirements.

Caldic serves as a one-stop shop meeting all the needs of the food industry – sourcing, research and development focusing on tailor-made innovative solutions, processing, and warehousing and distribution. That full range of services – something we think is unique in the food industry together with our commitment to customer service excellence– is what we like to call the Caldic Advantage.

With our global network of world class suppliers, we are able to source the very finest ingredients – and to stay abreast of innovations and developments in the industry, so we get immediate access to new products and ingredients that add the "Magic" to transform your products from good to GREAT! We’re proud to say that we are able to bring ingredients from around the world to your door.

What distinguishes Caldic and what truly translates to a competitive advantage for our customers is our focus on delivering specialized made-to-order innovative solutions. We're not just your distribution partner -- we're your knowledge partner.

We have four teams of highly skilled, passionate food professionals working in four key markets – bakery, savoury, nutrition and sweet. Each team is staffed with research and development experts and specialised sales representatives, who work with you to determine your needs, and then get to work in our in-house state-of-the-art testing labs, selecting the right ingredients and tweaking formulations until we get it exactly as you want it.

And in just about any packaging configuration you want, our liquid and dry blended products can be packed in heated and non-heated totes, drums, pails and bag-in-a-box as well as bulk bags to sachets.

At Caldic, innovation is not just about formulations and packaging. Our marketing team is constantly looking at evolving demands in the market place and our procurement team has its finger on the pulse of new and exciting developments in ingredients from the leading suppliers to the food manufacturing industry. That way, our R&D teams can work with you to boost quality, productivity or to respond to the latest trend. This will help you keep your products ahead of the competition.

Our goal is to provide our customers with flexible, responsive and cost effective delivery solutions, ensuring our products are delivered on time, every time!

Sometimes you don't have room on your premises for high volumes of raw materials, Not a problem! We maintain local warehousing at key locations close to the food industry production facilities all across North America. Our GFSI certified facilities, incoming inspections and controls and latest electronic inventory systems ensure the safety and full traceability of all of our products and materials.

Our team’s extensive background in manufacturing, logistics, distribution and warehousing, and supply chain enables us to provide our customers with solutions to their most complex delivery challenges to any location.

For those of us who have a passion for fine food, there’s something almost magical about combining everyday ingredients, and turning them into mouth-watering delicacies. Whether it’s a loaf of bread, or a cake, or a savoury sauce, or a thirst-quenching drink, or a granola bar, it’s the result of a combination of science, art, and craft, a great deal of knowledge and experience, and of course, quality ingredients. Caldic loves to help add a little fairy dust to all the ingredients we supply so that somewhere down the line, on dinner tables in homes, schools, and restaurants across North America, people of all ages and every walk of life get to enjoy a taste of the magic we create with our customers.

And if consumers are happy, you are happy and that is the Caldic Advantage at work – something we can all enjoy.

Would you like to find out more about the Caldic Advantage? There’s plenty of additional information on our website. Or, to speak to one of our customer development managers, please give us a call at 1-800-263-1939.

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